Yamapi and maki dating

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According to tabloid “Josei Seven“, they aren’t in a relationship anymore.

In fact, the tabloid has even got a snapshot of Yamapi hanging out with a Caucasian girl in what seems to be a full-fledged date.

My first Japanese love was Hana Yori Dango♥ The rest just followed naturally.

A big shock for fans of the Yamashita Tomohisa x Kitagawa Keiko couple.

' and also saw him affectionately brushing her hair to whisper in her ear." (Same customer)After that, they headed to the building where the 'Ebizo incident' took place for more drinking.

On their way there, at a red traffic light, Yamapi and the girl snuggled up to each other.

I thought 'Yamashita-kun can speak English~,' it surprised me." (A customer)Yamapi's date was wearing a down jacket with black fur and she was slim with long legs."When we were entering the restaurant, they were hugging at the entrance.

With the slim foreign girl, it looked like a scene right out of a drama.

My voodoo banners aren´t working at all (-_-;)And no one would stone you here Lora, unleash is a staunch Yamaki supporter and Keiko is Tranny No.2 to me. He can date other girl (though I wish it's Maki) but not Keiko. I don't know if ' Gossip Management' exists in Japan but it looks like she just use him and her other love rumors in the past for popularity.Perhaps he was unsure about acting like that on the street, since he had no such problems inside the restaurant or inside the bar.At 4 AM, Yamapi and that girl left the bar together again and tried to find a taxi.In the February 15th issue of Shukan Josei that went on sale yesterday, Yamashita Tomohisa (25) from NEWS was caught on a date with someone described as a model-like Caucasian beauty. Yamapi appeared in a Japanese restaurant, known to host the Prime Minister and other VIP visitors.It seems that he has broken up with rumoured girlfriend Kitagawa Keiko for more than a year already. "It looked like a fun double date with two white girls and another good-looking Japanese guy. From what I overheard of their conversations, it was in English.

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