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The six chair challenge at Wembley Arena saw LOTS of drama and plenty of tears, both of joy and of sadness.There were some surprise choices from Sharon but tough decisions had to be made in the always competitive category.Just imagine it – Kem and Chris could have had a harmoniser to soften up their rap duo.

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The news comes just a few months after Simon Cowell booted her from his record label.

When the series finished, she – like many other contestants on the show – were worried about the stigma attached to starting off a career on a reality TV show."I'm very serious about my job and what I do," Diana explained to presenter Christine Lampard.

"I didn't want anyone to judge me on that., I was working with a lot of established actors and writers, I really wanted to be taken seriously."Luckily, they welcomed me into the acting community."Diana then admitted that despite some of the stigma attached to being an's own Craig Revel Horwood."It's about a preacher man who was meant to be this love life guru back in the sixties," added Diana.

The offer, billed as the ultimate gift for a super-fan, slashes ticket prices from £10 each to just £4.50 – £9 for two.

Meanwhile, two VIP tickets are now £24, a far cry from the initial £27.50 Honey tried to sell them at.

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    Rather, the Court has made clear that, "where the class of activities is regulated and that class is within the reach of federal power, the courts have no powers 'to excise, as trivial, individual instances' of the class."[19] Thus, for example, a potential challenger of the proposed mandate could not argue that because her own decision not to purchase the required insurance would have little or no effect on the broader market, the regulation could not be constitutionally applied to her.

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    When you date people you meet, other then at a matching making service, you spend lots of time and resources, become emotionally attached, only to find out many dates later, you shared hardly anything in common.