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She brings back all of the characters, while also introducing us to a few new ones.In this book, Fred is asked by the mermaid king himself to help them solve the problem of whether the Undersea Folk should now come out of hiding and introduce themselves to the humans, or who they lovingly refer to as bipeds, and Fred is to be their expert witness.I enjoy this series in spite of the extremely anti-social, crass, rude, emotionally immature Fred.It's like watching a train derailm First read : Fun to watch Fred stumble through life not quite knowing how to respond to romantic overtures while fiercely protecting herself.Thomas Pearson (who's now known as Priscilla D'Jacqueline, romance novelist, an annoying continuity issue if ever there was one).

;-) (I love when Fred tosses him "through the (fortunately open) sliding door" to show little Ellie that Fred won't ever let anything happen to her. " lol)This book has over half of its setting "under the sea," which makes for fun times as we get to see Fred in her other natural element (being a hybrid, she is equally happy on land). I know her style puts some people off, but I like a lighthearted fun read. I will definetly pick up the third book in this series when it comes out.

I am sad that this series is coming to an end with the next book but I am interested to see how Davidson is going to end it.

I can say that after reading this series Davidson has made me a reader for life!

This is a fun easy read that is perfect to take the beach or read by the pool! This is the second book in Davidson's series about Fred the mermaid.

I'd read the first in the series ages ago so it took me a bit of time to feel back in tune with the character -- and the references to things that had happened in the first book.

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