Woman dating younger guys

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This is significant, as we’re making big life decisions, like getting married and having children, much later in life.Men and women also value different things in their partners.Still, more often than not, these pairings feel icky because they are icky: The parties aren’t on equal footing; different experiences and life stages are inevitably going to make it harder to relate.Attention from an older man might feel flattering, but do your future self a solid and ask: Why isn’t this guy interested in people his own age? John Waters has said, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ‘em!A caveat is necessary: You can’t help who you love.Maybe Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto are genuinely the greatest love story of our time.But there’s a sort of omertà when it comes to these couplings; people don’t usually get knee-deep into the psychology of relationship age gaps.“So what do you think about arm candy?

There are evolutionary reasons for this, but psychologist Alice Eagly suggests women and men value things according to changing social roles; women, then, value in their mates that which society historically has withheld from them (i.e., power and money).

During dinner though, it becomes obvious that Dirk isn’t interested in Blanche romantically. A fictitious Samantha Jones and the legendary Kris Jenner aside, women who date younger — “cougars,” as they’re called — are painted very much like Blanche and Samantha: man-hungry yet successful in their own right; impossibly beautiful and equally vain; deeply complicated and flawed. The opposite dynamic, an older man with a younger woman, has been almost entirely normalized in life, politics, and Hollywood.

Generally, the older man is lauded by his peers, and the younger woman skewered by hers.

Women who marry much older men are capitalizing on the only thing going for them, their looks; they’re gold diggers who seek financial stability in an older, more mature male; or have daddy issues.

How much documented truth is there to these offhand observations? One of the rationalizations is that men marry much younger women in a misguided quest for immortality.

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