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They need to draw them in and make their performances relate to the people watching.

Only the truly great artists are capable of this feat.

The film is also set to star Scorsese regulars Harvey Keitel and Joe Pesci.

According to its IMDb page, De Niro will play Sheeran and Pacino will play Hoffa, but currently there's no confirmation of that particular casting.

Al Pacino’s career has spanned over forty five years and his resume is littered with some of the most unforgettable performances the world has ever seen.As the Academy Award winner turns 76 on April 25, we take a look at his greatest movie-film romances.In an era where equality for transsexuals is a battle that's still raging on, it's amazing to think that a film was made in 1975 about a man robbing a bank to pay for his partner's sex reassignment surgery - and it was embraced by critics immediately.The movie was going to be backed by Paramount Pictures, but with its 12-year chairman Brad Grey heading out the door, Scorsese’s team put together another package.As someone close to the deal put it, “Scorsese’s movie is a risky deal, and Paramount is not in the position to take risks.

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