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Or maybe you made some statements when you were sad that you didn’t really mean or agreed to something when you were thinking with your heart that you later regretted ?Or maybe you wanted to be supportive and helpful to someone you love but couldn’t because your own emotions made it difficult?I had found a comfortable way out.” ― Piero Ferrucci, tags: compassion, endurance, external, friends, friendship, happiness, hardship, heaviness, help, hope, inspirational, internal-validation, joy, life, life-lessons, love, loyalty, motivational, persistence, personal-development, poetry, presence, sad, self-love, teaching, unconditional, validation, wisdom “Discover a deep, healthy love for yourself....Relationships are meant to complement your life not complete it.If you're unable to bring a healthy sense of self-love into them you will always be seeking validation and end up disappointed by your expectations of others.” ― Nanette Mathews “When we accept the labels placed on us by ourselves and others, we then restrict and limit ourselves based on those labels.Break free from them and reclaim your unlimited potential to be your amazing self.” ― Nanette Mathews “Life is fundamentally a mental state. Whose life is truer, the rational man of action pursuing practical goals of personal happiness and wealth or the philosophic man who lives in a world of theoretical and metaphysical ideas?

Your internal experience does not have to be the same as anyone else’s but it helps to know that your experiences is understandable. Some say it’s because when we don’t feel understood it creates thoughts of being left out or not fitting in.Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s internal experience as being valid.Emotional validation is distinguished from emotional invalidation, in which your own or another person’s emotional experiences are rejected, ignored, or judged.Communicating when overwhelmed with emotion does not usually work well.Being overwhelmed with emotion is not a pleasant experience.

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