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You can also type kernel or booting parameters there if needed, just read the help. If you have an Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo you should be able to run the vanilla kernel.The Mac OS X Installation should start, just follow the typical installation procedures from the other guides. thanks Dell Studio Desktop 540 Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83 GHz Q9550 (All cores work) EVGA n Vidia Ge Force 9500 GT (1GB) (Works) M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Sound (Works) Realtek Ethernet (Works) 8 GB DDR2 RAM (Of course works) 24" Dell 1920x1080 16:9 Monitor I imaged the retail to an external USB drive that I have. "vanilla" "voodoo" can you please explain the method I would go with? Intel ICH's RAID fakeraid is not supported at all neither for booting nor volumen mounting.I'm not using it at the moment but I think the mach_kernel.voodoo file has to be in the root of the USB drive.You may also need to include the that comes with Voodoo Kernel (in Extra\Extensions\ folder), but I think its only needed for proper USB hotplug support (not needed for just USB detection).Remember to modify kexts' info.plist OSBundle Required property to Root if needed (Voodoo PS2needs this, for instance).The "Root" value seems to be required for any kext to load successfully from /Extra/Extensions.Remember that you wont be able to install into a MBR partition by default, you would need to mod the on the DVD for that. If all goes well the installation will complete in about 10 minutes (depending on what options you choose) but it will complain at the end that it failed because it couldnt make the destination volume bootable. Installed Chameleon and added the Apple Decrypt and the Intel CPUPMDisabler kexts. im unclear concerning this matter...clarification will help. Apple software RAID is supported, there are many guides on the matter.

This will take a while as it will copy the whole DVD to the USB.

Its supposed to be a replacement for boot132 methods where you dont have a ready made dvd and need to create one, with this method you can easily customize the kexts used during installation just by copying them to the USB drive instead of creating custom isolinux images.

Also it can be useful when you have troubles with distros that doesnt support a specific SATA/IDE Controller and, instead of modding the distro DVD to inject the missing kexts, it would be easier to mod the retail with the storage controller's kexts you need to boot.

Keep in mind that if you are using voodoo or other kernel you may need to specify it in the chameleon's I have been having loads of problems getting my system to work; this will be my next method to try. I can't get i Deneb nor i PC to work, no matter what I change in BIOS (ACPI changes, ram customization, bios upgrade, disabling items), add to the boot parameters (busratio=20 -F -v -x fsbus=133, graphics mode="") or change in the customization install (different kernels, different nvidia drivers, etc). I also found a kext for my specific EVGA nvidia geforce gts 250 1024MB graphics card from Can you provide any insight into why I can't get Mouse or Keyboard support with the kext installed? Added my drivers to the Extensions folder and ran through the install. Keeping the log open, the message that I get stuck at is:- Validating Package Payload. From there you can install any place you want, be it a fixed SATA HD, IDE, or a Firewire or another USB Drive, if thats what you mean with portable.

Boot.plist configuration so the mach_kernel.voodoo file from the USB drives is used instead of the vanilla mach_kernel in the HD partition. gigabyte ga-73pvm-s2h sandisk cruzer 8gb bfg 9800GT SATA hd I'm having trouble booting the installer. BIOS settings, command line switches (-f -x -v -s cpus=1), and nothing is working for me so far. EDIT: I forgot to note - I was using Leopard retail 10.5.1 .. The problem is, I don't know how to apply the required kext's to my system so it can boot into OSX. system specs: Intel I7 920 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 EVGA NVidia Ge Force GTS 250 1024MB 3x2gb OCZ 7-7-7 1600MHZ DDR3 Seagate 1TB 7200.3 (3.5", currently not connected) Seagate 320GB 7200 (2.5", using for install only)I think you dont need an injecter kext for your graphics card to boot the installation, if its supported by nvidia drivers it will boot though without acceleration (CI/QE). You also need voodoo kernel for i7 I think, for the USB Drive it will be easy to use it, you just have to put the mach_kernel.voodoo in the USB drive's root and edit the chameleon's I'm not sure about booting the installed system from the USB though, I dont know if chameleon uses the kernel from the USB drive or from the partition, if the latter its true you would need to manually copy the kernel file there replacing mach_kernel, if the former its true maybe you need to specify the kernel file using a specific device (like (hd0,1)/mach_kernel.voodoo).

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