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And I don’t think they have any intentions of opposing what’s going on, based on her statement.

NQNC: GM: Right now, as I mentioned earlier, the alliances have to be formed, together with the people who are at the site, and our traditional Tribal District governments.

Field projects include: Granulite- to amphibolite facies traverse of lower late Archean crust, Shevaroy Block, Tamil Nadu, south India.

Paul, Minnesota, USA MS Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA MS Petrology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Ph D Geochemistry (Experimental Petrology and Thermodynamic Modeling), Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA Phosphate and silicate minerals as monitors of geodynamic processes Experiments involving phosphate and silicate minerals cover a wide range of minerals and fluid compositions.

In these studies, solid-state dehydration by low HO activity fluids has been and is currently being utilized to demonstrate how hornblende and/or biotite react with quartz to form orthopyroxene /- clinopyroxene, feldspar and a fluid phase during granulite-facies metamorphism. Such fluids have been proposed to play a significant role during the granulite-facies metamorphism of basaltic and granitoid rocks in the lower crust.

SIMS analysis of 29 zircon separates across a regional (100 km) traverse of late Archean, lower crust, Shevaroy Block, Tamil Nadu, South India to study how zircon HREE and actinide chemistry, along with U-Th-Pb dating, change during metamorphism.

Experimental determination of fluorapatite, monazite, xenotime, allanite, and REE-enriched epidote stability fields in monazite-apatite-allanite and xenotime-apatite-allanite metapelitic systems as a function of P-T-X.

LREE-redistribution between fluorapatite, monazite, and allanite at high pressures and temperatures.

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