Teen dating 90 s

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We’ve already pillaged the ‘80s for all they were worth and now, apparently, it’s time to start excavating the 90s. If there’s one film genre that screams “90s”, it’s the teen movie.

The decade was a kind of golden age for the teen comedy – from offbeat Shakespeare adaptations to supernatural coming-of-age tales, teen movies were everywhere, and we’re still quoting them today. For every Mallrats or Empire Records, there’s a stack of movies doomed to sit forever unwatched at the bottom of Netflix’s Comedies list.

You could pick up the phone in the kitchen and hear the conversation the teen was having on their bedroom phone.

A different line for the teen was something we heard of rich people having, but I never knew anyone who did.

Another thing I had almost forgotten: Calling someone outside of your city was very expensive!

I am sure it depends but from what I heard from my parents and my wife's parents, the late 70s and early 80s were some wild times.

Some older people I've talked to said that by the 90s and on it was almost like Victorian Era times by comparison to the anything goes 70s and early 80s.

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