System xml xsdvalidatingreader

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The Solution You can find a workaround in this article: "Make Click Once Work With ASP. The trick is the Cookieless Forms Authentication introduced since ASP. Please be aware that demo code from that article is for WPF Brower Application (.xbap), which don't have a "update location" in the file, therefore no step 3.For Win Form s/WPF applications, the workaround will fail in step 3 as IIS cannot find the Forms Authentication ticket from the URL.Regular readers might have spotted I've been slightly quieter than usual over the past few weeks - actually I've not been slacking, but working on a tool which you might find useful from time to time.

We're looking for help in understanding why the exceptions are thrown and what we can do to prevent them. In one scenario, we're initializing a WPF control that hosts the syntax editor.

It is working fine in chrome.**** I am using eclipse and websphere.

******Note: I am getting this error only in IE not in chrome.

On container objects such as webs, there are options about whether descendent objects should be included: And that's the gist of it.

This is the first beta of the tool and I'm sure there will be issues.

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