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This isn’t the first time Turrell’s work has been exposed to some human anatomy.He has held similar in-the-nude tours before in Japan.“Intellectually, it is an interesting idea, nudity,” Ringholt told News Corp Australia.“Turrell’s work is very minimal, very reductive — he doesn’t work with materials like a quintessential artist, such as clay, paint and other traditional materials: he just works with light.” Public nudity is against the law in Australia, and this plays into the exhibition’s message, using nudity as a form of protest.We'll talk art and discover Montparnasse spots frequented by Gauguin, Modigliani or Rodin.We'll walk in the footsteps of these famous artists of Montparnasse before heading to a nearby legendary stud…Out of respect for the professional artists and art students in the studio, please note that minors are not allowed in this experience and you will have to respect guidelines I will share with you before the session.The club is expected to be demolished in October, and is to serve as an entrance to the existing Wally Park parking structure, which is owned by L&R, and add 700 to 800 ground-level parking spaces.The existing parking structure, which is several stories high, has an entrance on Bellanca Boulevard, a small street, but company officials have been hoping for a more high-profile entrance on Century Boulevard.“We bought the property probably about 10 years ago, because it’s adjacent to our Wally Park facility.

By 1977, the place had become a nude bar and a disco called Carolina West, where alcohol was served.

There will be a pre-ride festival, including body painting, at 3 p.m.

The route and meet-up location have not yet been released.

The full route wasn't revealed beforehand but riders began heading south from Fernhill Park.

They also recommended bike lights, as well as plenty of water as the high temperatures reached the upper 90s on Saturday.

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