Internet dating separated people updating formula for the sample covariance and correlation

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They want to feel loved, cared about, special, all that la-la.What I'm saying is that (again, in my experience) they are really not about being a couple in a relationship, they just need those things, and that's all well and good.Some to are not even separated, they just feel like they are and put separated instead of married. So, my choice is to back off from separated or recently divorce ppl.Granted I know what some are going thru and yes it's a process. Not go rushing into another relationship for fear of being alone. Everybody has to get back on the horse and start somewhere.

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In my experience, the people who are just getting back into dating after a long relationship, especially an unhappy marriage are usually broken, and just want to feel human again.

But I have been single and looking for a long time, and I am ready for the whole 50/50 thing.

I've put my time in nurting someone who has nothing to give back.

I am looking for someone who is honest, caring, sensitive...."Gag me.

What follows is some truth-telling: just look at your profile whereareallthemen -- it's a boring cookie-cutter rehash that reads like it could have been cut and pasted straight from any of a thousand *other* womens' profiles that look just. yours."My friends would describe me as funny, positive, attractive, out-going, friendly, and one who enjoys the little things in life!

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