How to skip backup when updating iphone ios 5

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You can avoid the i Tunes backup process on a case-by-case basis to speed up the i Phone sync.If you use this method, it's possible to save many valuable minutes spent waiting for the i Phone to finish syncing. Connect your i Phone to the computer via the USB connector cable.Wait a few moments for the device to connect and be recognized by i Tunes. Click the small gray "X" icon at the top of the i Tunes window when you see the words "Backing Up." Clicking the icon will cancel the backup process and move directly to syncing your contacts, calendars and content.Go to the "Devices" section in the left sidebar and select your i Phone from the list. Unplug the i Phone, connector cable and computer when you see the i Tunes message that reads, "i Phone sync is complete.It's essential to back up your i Phone and/or i Pad every time you update the device's software. Follow this guide on backing up, restoring, and updating your phone and tablet.The i Phone 5 and later, i Pad (fourth generation and later), and i Pod Touch (sixth generation) can run i OS 10. Plug it into your computer, open i Tunes, and the model as well as the currently installed version of i OS are listed under the Summary tab which has a phone icon in the top left.

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You won’t lose any data like you would using the i Tunes route. It can be incredibly frustrating when you have no clue how to restore i Phone in recovery mode.A wide range of issues could possibly cause an i Phone to go into recovery mode.The most common issues that could cause this have to do with the Operating System (OS) itself.Nonetheless, you may be confident that there are avenues to restoring an i Phone once it is in recovery mode.

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