How to handle the dating game

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“I went out once with a guy who was also in a wheelchair, and he had his caregiver and his mom waiting for him in the car.I’ve fought so hard for my independence, I thought that just wasn’t going to work,” she recalls.How do you handle the simple logistics of a date if you aren’t able to drive or even take public transportation?

It’ll take me a little bit to recover, but I’m looking forward to going out again.’” The guy quickly emailed back—“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! Dating is a minefield for everyone and horror stories abound, from tales of meeting wackos and weirdos to never hearing back from someone you really liked.Eight years ago, video producer Kate Milliken was 35, single, and living in Manhattan— “a deadly combination,” she jokes.On the day she was anticipating a third date with a guy she was really beginning to like, she noticed that the fatigue and tingling in her hands that had been nagging her for a week had spiraled into something much worse.On the online dating sites she’s tried—, Ok Cupid, and e Harmony—she always includes photos of herself that show her in her chair.“It might not be the cover photo, but if you looked through the photos, you’d see that the wheelchair was there,” she says.

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