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So last weekend my wife and I decided to go shopping and while we were at the mall we passed by victoria secret they had all there new stuff in the windows and man was some of it sexy. After dating 3 years, she finally was up for going out with other guys.As we were done shopping walking back through the mall my wife says hey do you kind if go look... I often wonder, "Do we have an EP friend in this town? After many years of seeing my girlfriend always getting pretty and going out, I wanted her to take things to another...In the middle of our crazy period, I had to leave my wife alone when I went overseas watching a sports tournament.She has plenty of friends so I was happy she would not be too lonely.Every night we would hang out at the clubs or bars. She started going out with other guys at my encouragement. I continued to encourage her and she continued meeting and dating different...One evening we ended up haging out with a group of americans and we were... I let her date who ever she wanted, i worked alot and was away from home most of the time.Hi, tonight my gorgeous wife just left for her Christmas party. She asked if I minded her going alone since she has desire to get ****** by her new supervisor, She put on a sexy skin tight red dress she ordered from Victoria's Secret... it has been a willd ride, ever since my wife danielle told me about her affair.

Sharon, she was working at a local spa that did massages.

The first-night party of the tournament was starting to take off when I turned up. Hi, well my wife filled in the details from her first night working with her new supervisor.

She told me that when she arrived at work he smiled and told her when she had a moment he needed to speak to her.

I had seen a posting, from a Wife who was looking for the perfect birth-day gift, for her husband! She dressed in a tight black mini dress, heels and stockings. She text me about saying she would be home in a bit. Since she no longer cares if her ***** is full of...

"Hi I'm looking for mature bbw, for my husband's perfect birth-day gift! When she got home she smiled at me, gave me a big kiss and walked up stairs to our room... Dated my girlfriend since we were in high school and at the same time, wanted to share her.

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