Hongkong cam accommodating religion in the workplace

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What can be more classically Hong Kong than staying in a former factory?

Every corner of our building holds a hint of its former glory from the modern aesthetic of our 185 rooms to the streamlined, business oriented mindset we’ve applied to our services.

Buying a camera in Hong Kong remains popular with overseas tourists from the UK and US.

In truth, the rock-bottom deals that gained Hong Kong a reputation for cheap cameras are long gone, but you can still find models at lower prices than at home.

The selection of cameras, lenses and other photography gear is also excellent.

Read on to find out about where to buy and the scams to look out for.

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and is a fantastic place to visit, where East meets West.There is a thriving market for these pricey models, lenses and other accessories.The competition is keen, and with retailers in cut-throat competition, there are significant savings to be made.Today, the factory might be gone, but the spirit of the Camel brand still lives on in our hotel.The original floor plans, pieces of the factory and vintage Camel products that have been re-imagined into new uses can be found in the public areas and our rooms.

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