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Morticia herself was apparently based on his first wife, Barbara Jean Day, a frosty female, according to him, who left when he refused to adopt a child - Addams cordially detested children.

He drew her as a kind of wasted beauty straight out of Edgar Allan Poe who delighted in paradox - "Oh the thorns are lovely this year" - and seemed worryingly expert in potions and poisons.

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When I first came across The Addams Family on TV in the 1980s, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it.But who are we to quibble, because here she's playing Morticia Addams, perhaps the sexiest witch ever to have cast a spell.Long, shapely, raven-haired and white as a sheet, Morticia was Charles Addams' most elegant and seminal creation, the unflappable queen at the heart of his imaginary empire.He liked to scare people, and used to hide in his family's dumb waiter and wait for his grandmother to pass by so he could leap out and frighten her half to death.He had a flair for art, and drew cartoons for his high-school paper.

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