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First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?Have you ever wondered if an open relationship is for you?He liked it when I was pregnant, but I always craved excitement. A similar spirit of adventure has also pervaded divorcee Victoria Moore’s life.I worked in the film business and became friends with big stars such as Roger Moore and Sammy Davis Jr. Victoria, 61, runs her own beauty and scented candle ­business.‘I’ve just bought the most amazing, rambling Georgian house in County Cork, with half a mile of shore-front and two derelict cottages. It heralds my new beginning,’ she enthuses.‘I love being able to throw ­everything in the back of my Luton van and take off to pastures new. No matter how lovely the man, they do try to boss you around and want to know where you are. I can do what I like.’This flexibility to travel when she wants also pleases Victoria, who shuttles between her homes in ­London and Majorca.

I don’t feel incomplete because I am not ­married — I’m having the time of my life in my 60s.

She made her wealth when ­Holiday Rentals, the business she ran with her husband, was sold when they divorced in 2005. Our ­generation is so lucky — 60 really is the new 40. But, if I’m being really honest, my real ­adventures began after Keith died from cancer.

Freed from the biological urge to find a suitable ­partner with whom to raise ­children, the newly-­invigorated ­Sassies view relationships with men not as a raison d’etre, but instead a peripheral — if enjoyable — ­distraction to their otherwise busy lives.‘My first husband was an engineer and the father of my two children. Dan suggested I row the ­Atlantic and I thought: “Why not? I think your 60s are a tremendously exciting time for women, especially if you’re ­single.

Her late husband Keith, a property developer, was ‘the love of her life’, but her grief at his death has now been ­supplanted by the sense of liberation that ­independence has given her. ‘I’m having far too much fun to consider settling down again,’ she says.

‘I have absolutely no ­problem attracting men.’ But although many have courted her assiduously, she would never relinquish the ­freedom her ­single status gives her.

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