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Title: Disney Girls Night Out Author: Tori Codes: Mf, M f, NC, RAPE, ANAL, FIRST, VIOL, EXH, INTER Subject: Stefanie Scott, Bella Thorne, Sierra Mc Cormick and Peyton List Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal It all started out as a simple publicity tour for the young Disney stars.

There was a large man at the top of the stairs and they asked him where their friends went.

He pointed to the last VIP room at the end of the hall. Sierra asked her what was wrong when she saw her friend Peyton.

What they didn’t know was that the bellboy and cabbie were part of a sex trafficking ring and had other plans for the four girls.

The cabbie let them out in front of the club and they headed inside.

She was bent over the end of a couch and one of the men was fucking her.

Her dress was up around her waist and her panties were down around her ankles.

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They chatted with men and acted like they were adult enough to know how to handle the situation.Sierra Mc Cormick, Stefanie Scott, Bella Thorne and Peyton List were on tour in Europe to promote their shows.They traveled from city to city by train and stayed at the finest hotels.The bellboy met them and escorted them through the kitchen and out the service entrance.He had a cab waiting for them and told the driver to take them to the hottest club in town.

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