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Does that mean that every person you meet on is going to be looking for a relationship? Does it mean you will never meet someone serious on Tinder? However, statistically speaking, you are more likely to meet a hook-up on a dating app because the barrier for entry and investment is low.

The reality is that most of the people you meet on a dating site may also dabble on dating apps as well; however, their mindset on the dating app is usually more geared towards casual dating than towards a serious relationship while they are on the app.

As an online dating success story myself, and someone who has shepherded countless singles into online dating matches, I firmly believe that online dating is the best bang for your buck in love.

If your social circle is set and your leisure time is limited, as it is for most modern adults, online dating presents an amazing opportunity to date in the little free time you have left and to connect with like-minded singles.

Dating apps are used out in the world while you’re living your amazing, adventurous life.

It’s seen as just another thing for cool, outgoing people to do to meet other cool, outgoing people.

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The best part about dating apps is that they are easy to use.

Therefore, you will see hot, interesting faces on dating apps who wouldn’t be caught dead on a traditional dating site.

Most dating apps require you to sign in through a social media platform like Facebook and the trend for dating apps is to use your real name rather than a username that you invent.

You can sign in with Facebook, choose a handful of photos, write a couple sentences and be off to your first date within hours.

On the contrary, it will take you hours if not days to set up your profile on most dating sites.

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