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The series airs its final episode March 28, and Boreanaz shares his thoughts on the future. What is great is I was able to get my dad (retired broadcaster Dave Thomas) and my mom in the series finale.I also got my son, my daughter and my wife Jaime in, so the whole family is definitely going to be in it.It is by measuring the amount of Carbon-14 left in the body of a animal or plant that a scientist can deduce when the plant or animal died.See more » Like many others, while excited, I was skeptical about how it was all gonna work with baby Christine in the picture.The series ran for 12 seasons from September 13, 2005 to March 28, 2017.

In this hilarious exclusive video above, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and the rest of the Jeffersonian team react to your tweets about the torturous hiatus. I SURVIVE THIS HELL HIATUS ONLY WITH LOTS & LOTS OF RERUNS." We applaud your use of the all-caps, Bonehead!

Emily Deschanel gathered her family, including her sister Zooey, on Saturday for her wedding to boyfriend David Hornsby.

Additionally, Emily's costar from Bones, David Boreanaz, brought his wife and son to the evening ceremony in LA.

Since carbon-dating relies on the decay of Carbon-14, and since as long as an organism is still alive it is constantly replacing the amount of carbon in its system, it isn't until the plant or animal dies and the carbon is no longer being regenerated, that the amount of Carbon-14 starts to decay.

Once an organism has died, over time the amount of carbon-14 decreases as it decays.

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