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Classical music is not the most common topic of discussion at Midem, but True Linked, a platform created specifically to aid the interaction of classical musicians with bookers and arts organizations, was the winner in the distribution & discovery category of Midemlabs, Midem’s competition for start-ups.

The mix of site (True and social network provides a direct line of content between artists looking for gigs and buyers, events and venues looking to hire.

A search brings up candidates based on an algorithm that matches their data and repertoire to the specific job or part.

True Linked has an office that takes care of contracts and negotiations.

The Paris Opera Ballet company has a long-standing History, dating back to 1662, and the establishment of the Académie Royale de Danse by Louis XIV.

The Menuhin Competition catches its musicians young, with categories of under-16 and under-22.When you stroll through the Rijksmuseum, 17th-century burghers peer at you, self-assured and dressed soberly, mostly in black.The first impression these portraits of the superrich give is that their subjects did not much care for ostentatious display.Why we love it: There is no other tool like this for working artists and most definitely not for classical artists, whose realm is based largely on personal connections. The business model: True Linked charges a 6 percent commission per contract. Who uses it: Currently more than 3,000 artists and arts professionals (including lighting directors, conductors and stage directors) and 160 presenters.Results to date: The bulk of business comes from Europe, but clients are beginning to pop up in Asia, Latin America and the U. Goal: To reach 150,000 users in less than five years.

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