Dating in the countryside

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Despite being a 'man's man', he loves cooking and would just somebody with a great personality to show a little affection and care for.

If you are looking for love, or know of someone who is, and want to get involved, click here to apply for a date with one of the country lovers.

Farmers often find it especially hard to meet new people and often do not have the time to attend every event being staged.

According to a number of specialist dating agencies whose aim is to try and bring these people together, there are a good number of men in the farming community who want to meet someone who could end up being their wife and having children, but they work long hours and feel like they spend most of their time sitting on a tractor rather than socializing.

Dating strategy How you go about actually finding a potential partner can differ according to your age group and you need to adopt the right strategy so that you can increase your chances of meeting a suitable person with the same interests as you.

Equine Vet and horse-lover Heather lives in a farmhouse on the site of her veterinary practice - no wonder she works around the clock.

As she is an elegant 6ft tall, her ideal man must be on a level with her and also enjoy the outdoors. Dairy farmer Ed uses a Segway when milking his cattle.

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