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What I am saying here is specifically about the traditional Western chivalry which involves opening doors and pulling chairs.So be aware that, if you do anything like this for your Chinese girl, she might look you surprised or far happier that you expected.But, honestly, it took me a while to manage to get a Chinese girl to go out with me as I had no idea about the particularities and the unwritten rules that I was expected to be aware.Of course, in a country with 1 billion inhabitants, around 49 % female, you are bound to find any kind of girl. They take their time to trust you, to become more confident, and start talking about their feelings and dreams.Meaning that, if they start talking about private matters to you, they are completely into you.Despite of what you have heard about the kindness of Chinese people (which is true), the ladies can get really mad out there.In China, the ladies are prepared to get married as soon as possible, and they will question your intentions since the very beginning.

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Avoid as much as possible to tell jokes or to use sarcasm when you are talking to a Chinese girl as, most of the time; they won’t get it.So, yes, if you want to impress her, that is exactly what you should do.No matter how old they are, Chinese girls love to get children’s toys as presents.But taking the risk of falling into stereotypes, here is a list of ten things you should be aware of when dating Chinese girls. So don’t take it personally, it is just a cultural thing.They are reserved people and only share their intimacy with people that matters.

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