Dating a homeless girl

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If you feel passionately about the issue, joining campaigns like this might be the best way to help.

Shelter's push for more affordable homes is another leading effort to tackle the deeper roots of homelessness.

Churches and food banks can often help put you in touch with the right people too.

But homelessness isn't just suffered by rough sleepers.

Some young people are forced to beg in order to make money for organised crime groups.

Martin Houghton-Brown says that because of this he doesn’t give money to homeless young people himself – but wouldn’t judge anyone whose conscience calls them to do so.

Drug dependency can be another cause - in a 2011 Crisis study of single homeless people, 32 per cent had experienced drug dependency – but mental and physical health problems, poor education, having been in care, self harm and the loss of a partner are also important factors.

But charities do caution that for young people especially, money could enable street gangs to exploit them, making their situation even worse.Whom you donate to depends on whose work you feel strongly about.There are a wide range of homelessness charities, all of which help different groups of people.Centrepoint and De Paul UK work to help young people who end up homeless.Crisis helps single homeless people, while Shelter, the largest of the UK’s charities, gives practical advice via its phone line, campaigns for measures to alleviate the housing crisis and trains people who work in the housing sector.

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