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Takes place the night after the episode "Darkroom." Natalia has Anya back, but she is overwhelmed by the emotions the day brought on. This is a light story to play on Natalia and Calleigh's friendship. *I don't own the characters* Please review when finished reading :) Occurs around the episode Hostile Takeover.

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For me, there are zero reasons to like her and several to dislike her.)And I think scenes like the one Kathleen mentioned prove Calleigh’s seen Horatio as more than a mentor or colleague. That doesn’t confirm anything romantic, but it does open itself to the fact that she cares for him as a person which when combined with their chemistry and potential, make a prefect ship to me. Horatio's a stand-up guy, so even if he wanted Yelina he wouldn't go for her because of Raymond. But Calleigh is way too young and playful for a guy like Horatio, who is way too burdened. Of course, we'll all settle down as soon as we find the one, but I don't think she's at a point in her life where she has to have something real now. It's the same reason why I wasn't a fan of Sam and Ainsley on The West Wing. Imagine poor Sam, ending the day with a headache because his job is so exhausting. And then Sam also had Mallory, an elementary school teacher and his boss's daughter, who knew a lot about politics, enough to sit down with Sam and have a good debate. People often refer to Eric as immature and I really don't think he is.Trust me, this girl isn't staying home on Friday nights watching the Discovery Channel. She's constantly flirting with guys (during Grand Prix, she had some major flirting going on with one of the drivers, despite the fact that it was implied she was still dating Hagen). And being the suburbian soccer mom hater that I am, couples like Eric/Calleigh are the ones I like the most. But Horatio/Calleigh, they're just way too different. I think Calleigh’s likely at a point where she wants something real, something permanent. The right woman, yes, could change that, but Calleigh isn’t the one. It’s been referenced several times by Horatio, Speedle, AND Calleigh. The producers have noted that S1 was about throwing people together and seeing what worked. But I think they quickly realized how bad it would be. It's not like their writing can be held up to high standards of excellence. is that you and I can watch the same show, and walk away from it with new and different idea's that can be put to creative use.I'm not saying she's a player, I don't think Eric is a player either. A man in his late 40s is not going to change for a woman so young. I take that to mean they hadn’t decided 100% on anyone’s character. I think it's unfair that you dissmiss chemistry between H/C simply because you "don't get it".Note that I've taken dialogue from the episode to start this out.Opening dialogue is not mine and I don't claim it as original.

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