Baseball reference dating

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Ruth was a major figure in revolutionizing America’s national game.

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In the third game of the series against Chicago, while being heckled by the Cubs bench, Ruth, according to a story whose accuracy remains in doubt to this day, responded by pointing his finger to the centre-field bleachers.Between 19 he won 87 games, yielded a stunning earned run average of only 2.16, won three At the same time, Ruth exhibited so much hitting clout that, on the days he did not pitch, manager Ed Barrow played him at first base or in the outfield.In an age when home runs were rare, Ruth slammed out 29 in 1919, thereby topping the single-season record of 27 set in 1884 (by Ned Williamson of the Chicago White Stockings).The next season Ruth did even better: he slammed out 59 homers and drove in 170 runs.In 1922 his salary jumped to ,000, making him by far the highest-paid player in baseball.

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