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Whenever one of the Edit buttons is clicked a postback ensues and the List View begins its editing workflow.(In the screen shot above the "Edit button" is the pencil icon and is implemented as an Image Button.) This workflow proceeds as follows: The net effect of the above workflow is that clicking an item's Edit button causes that item's editing interface to be displayed.Adding updating support to the List View requires that the List View's underlying data source control support updating.That means that if you are using a Sql Data Source or Access Data Source control as the List View's data source that the Sql Data Source (or Access Data Source) must have an specified.Then, when the user clicks the Update button, the user's inputs need to be sent off to the data source control.

For more background on configuring the data source controls to support updating, refer to Accessing and Updating Data in ASP. Recall that in order to display the editing interface there needs to be some Button control in the , as it is in the markup above.

If this property is not set then the updating workflow will not work.

Any changes made to the editing interface will not be saved back to the database.

Creating an editable List View control entails defining the editing interface via the and adding the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons in the appropriate spots.

This article walks through creating an editable List View control, with the finished results available for download at the end of the article. (It is assumed that the reader is familiar with how to edit data using a data source control.

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