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See Email Spam Scoring and Filtering (will need to login to HI to view) to know how to use the Email Filters plugin to filter emails which have been scored as spam, when using the Service Now email infrastructure.If your email does meet the filters/Email filters conditions, you will receive a message "ignored by filter" on the logs, an the email will get skipped.

=true^notification=2User #1 Found: 0a826bf03710200044e0bf10bcbe5d7a - email = "adela.cervantszexample.com"User #3 Found: 62826bf03710200044e0bf10bcbe5df1 - email = "abel.t [email protected] mple.com"User #4 Found: 71826bf03710200044e0bf10bcbe5d3b - email = "[email protected] filters take over the email configuration filter.Once enabled, administrators can configure specific email filtering preferences by using a condition builder or a condition script.Even then, you will need to regularly check for incoming bounced back emails as users leave companies, email changes, etc.There are several other cases some where email will not get delivered. Emails bounced back because the target email has full mailboxes could indicates that no ones read that mailbox.

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