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Yet, people still have a 10.7 percent risk of having a cardiac-related event if they take aspirin and have never had an incident before, the research adds.

The pair, […] There’s a good chance that after the Wednesday, November 8, episode of Riverdale, Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) aren’t going to be friends. After Betty indirectly called it quits with Jughead (Cole Sprouse), he was almost immediately kissing Toni — she kissed him, but he did not pull away.

Researchers believe it is important to identify patients who will not benefit from aspirin due to its potential side effects, such as bleeding in the gut and brain.

Study author Dr Anthony Bavry from the University of Florida, said: 'There are many individuals who may not be deriving a benefit from aspirin.

Trehalose was found to reduce the size of plaque in mice by around 30 percent.

Plaque builds up inside the arteries in a condition known as atherosclerosis.

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